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Magical Little Pretty Bag

Reading through thought-provoking book takes you million miles away whilst seated in a crisp smelling leather wingback chair sipping on an expensive whisky on the rock, enjoying the scenery in the book and the present ambiance. Better yet, it could be an end of a cosy drizzling day, tucked in a white cotton bedding and lying on a firm bed with freshly brewed black coffee on the side pedestal. You’re home, yet far away from home. Books have the power to treat us to a non-ordinary state of mind of being in a different country whilst inventively experiencing precise character’s feelings and emotions in another sphere of life.

Taking a trip to a foreign country in another continental’s region is exhausting in some instances particularly traveling in an economic class flight that keeps you longer in the air with other travellers with dissimilar cultures and upbringing values sprinkled with finicky behaviours. Economic class flight traveling has its own merit and drawbacks too. It’s a cost saving style of traveling the world at the lower cost especially if you’re doing multiple connections. If you’re flying top ranked airlines in the world, the trip will be a pleasant one to remember. You will also most likely meet voluble person that will narrate their entire life defiance in a concise minute before you reach to pull out a book from your carry-on bag. The drawback though is the heartsink feeling when you have missed an opportunity to be handed the white, fresh, and soaked warm wet handy towel from the flight attendant before they serve the breakfast on the plane’s final leg to your much-anticipated destination. It gets even more interesting and awkward once you have disembarked the flight in the morning on the foreign soil. You find yourself doing a snail-like walk through the corridors of a massive airport decoding overhead flight notice boards in search of your flight’s baggage conveyor station. The snail-like walk is deliberate to make sure you don’t make a blunder in missing your directions and end up on the wrong side of the airport’s wing. Despites the misfortunate of being one of the individuals who did not receive the fresh warm wet handy towel. The economic class flight passengers from your flight are always looking fresh and dapper like they have just stepped out of the showers, clean teeth, and neatly combed hair for ladies, and freshly brushed shiny beard for gentlemen. Whilst you were snoring away on the flight, nearly all passengers had taken a trip to the plane’s tiny bathroom with their cute little handy toiletry bags to freshen-up for the landing before the Pilot-In-Command can announce, “Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelt, we will be landing in 20 minutes”. You have just realised that the pretty little handy bag is magical.

 CyrilT online store has created its own magic for you for your next travel excursion. We have created digital printed travel and cosmetic bags that are not only pretty but can also withstand constant traveling and daily use. They are made with 100% drill cotton and available in multiple sizes to best fit your needs. Each cosmetic bag comes with a handy zipper and lightweight construction.


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