CyrilT’s Journey in Fashion

CyrilT’s Journey in Fashion

Fashion is about visuals, beautiful colours and plain fabrics that blend with your skin tone and a piece that suits your frame on the day. To look the part, many fashion enthusiasts are forever crawling the internet, swiping away on social media platforms, reading through on their favourite fashion blogs to get inspirations on the latest trends.

Finding pieces that work for you 7 days of the week without breaking your bank account in one store platform might prove to be tumultuous and emotion draining exercise. The colours might work for you, but the sizes might be for skinner or even bigger sized bodies.

Why CyrilT?

Not long ago, it must have been in 2009. CyrilT was an in-house supplier of Pulsate, a clothing boutique shop that had its address in most prominent malls; Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton and Menlyn Shopping Centre. CyrilT had a wall-to-wall rail packed with its signature Golf t-shirts, hoodies, printed and plain dresses in variation of colours. 

CyrilT made going to the club on the Friday night or some special event over the weekend easy. We offered different colour garments, with well styled designs for any occasion. Wearing CyrilT almost felt like "the item is made for you”. These are the feedback we enjoyed receiving from the loyal customers.

Coextending, CyrilT was making corporates love wearing their corporate clothes. We brought fitted designs that encompassed corporate identity. The clientele included corporates in the hospitality, government, entertainment, and event co-ordination.




When CyrilT launched its first online store in 2015, we were fortunate to have an opportunity to collaborate with big brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Ben Sherman and Pringle in their men’s underwear and socks apparel. We wanted to build a reputable online store that brings our client genuine authentic fashion at your desktop and mobile screens right to your doorstep using reliable and on time delivery service.




To keep on that promise of bringing our client quality and authentic fashion that meets your daily needs, that gives you a single online platform for fashion inspiration and purchases. CyrilT has directly partnered with manufacturers in US, Europe and China that make high quality clothes that would last you a “life-time”. We have delivery lead time of 7 to 15 days for your merchandise to be shipped at your address. Take a chance with our online store, you won't be disappointed. 


Special Offers

At CyrilT, you don’t only spend your hard-earned money. We look at different ways you can be incentivised for spending with us. For any first order that is over R1000, we offer free shipping. With any orders that are over R1800 and R2800, you get 10%, 15% with free shipping respectively.

Happy Shopping! Welcome to CyrilT Online Store

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